Our work

The successful deployments of video and networking solutions for large and small companies motivates us to do more of the same. Here are sample projects that we have undertaken with companies many of which have been acquired or merged with other important players in the market.

FutbolHoy for Iusacell a Grupo Salinas company in Mexico

Mobile app and video service that enables users to view live soccer games on their mobile phone. When a user is not watching, he can get real-time alerts with replays of interesting events like goals scored. Iusacell is now part of AT&T.

Edge CDN for TotalPlay a Grupo Salinas company in Mexico

Content Delivery Network (CDN) for the underlying digital video delivery service deployed across Iusacell’s mobile edge PoPs. TotalPlay continues to deliver Broadband and Video services throughout LATAM.

Virtual PBX for Covad Communications

Integrated the GoBeam Virtual-PBX platform acquired by Covad so that. This enabled Covad to enter the Hosted VOIP market and expand its offerings to Small and Medium sized Businesses (SMBs). Covad Communications merged with Megapath.

WiMAX PC-Card for Clearwire

Led definition, development, launch and marketing of the first in market WiMAX PC-Card. A network card with antenna for mobile laptops to connect to the network at broadband speeds. This first of its kind product was successfully launched in 2007. Clearwire is now part of T-Mobile (after first being acquired by Sprint).


Solving the Roaming “Bill Shock“ problem. If you don’t like paying for roaming and you buy a local SIM when you travel then use RoamHero instead. You get a SIM card that holds your HOME mobile operator SIM information and you can download a virtual SIM from a local (and most likely better priced) provider in the local city where you travel.