Jumpstart your entry into the next generation of Video Services.
The Guide: Present your users with your television channel lineup combined with your Video On Demand (VOD) catalog to create the most beautiful and engaging guide in the industry.
The experience: Integrate any third party Over The Top (OTT) provider, Social Network and Free Over The Air (OTA) Linear TV service to create the most compelling TV Everywhere application in the known Universe.
VOD: Don’t have a VOD catalog? Don’t worry, we have you covered, ask us about bringing the best of movies and television to your subscribers with our integrated solution.
Your business, your model:  Offer your service for free and generate brand awareness or monetize your offering with either a subscription model, an advertising model or a hybrid model.   Your choice!
Your Brand: Bring video to your subscribers over web and mobile with your brand at the center of their engagement.  

Mobile RoamFree Solution

International mobile roaming without fear

For Roamers:  We have developed core mobile technology that will enable your users to roam around the world without the fear being charged exorbitant roaming fees and without ever leaving the comfort of your care, of your brand.

RoamFreeSIM: Enable your users to automatically attach to a local mobile operator when traveling outside their Home network thereby only paying local fees.

OneSIMbackend: Deploy your own backend technology or leverage ours to enable your user to travel without fear.

Global IoT OneSIM and Platform technology

Enable your customers to connect everything with a single SIM card
For Global IoT Solutions:  Our SIM and backend technology connects your customer’s IoT devices to your preferred network providers in each location as they travel around the world.   Significantly and seamlessly reducing your operating costs and improving connectivity.

IoT OneSIM: Whether your customers prefer an eSIM, an eUICC SIM, or traditional SIM of any size, they will always have the connectivity they need and at the lowest cost available.

Backend: Use your own backend infrastructure if you are an MNO or an MVNO.  If you don’t have an infrastructure or would rather not use it, we’ve got you covered, use our OneSIMbackend world class mobile platform to orchestrate communication to all your IoT OneSIM devices.

Seamless Carrier Switching: Our patented technology enables you to configure the IoT OneSIM application to switch carriers based on local network availability, operator preference, performance or geographic location.
Global Reach: Wherever your customer’s devices land, our solution will the devices to your partner network operators in each of your coverage areas.

Auto-provision: If your network provider partnerships change over time, don’t worry. Customers with our OneSIM for IoT and our platform technology will receive update network provider information automatically.

More Coverage: Feel free to use our partnerships.  We not only have network tie-ups with global partners with great coverage and reasonable costs but also a strong presence in local markets all around the world. 

Find out how you can leverage our platform solutions to benefit you